Can one ever get tired of saying this past year has been a challenge? Of course it was – but if our pack has proven anything, it’s that we are up to the task. We had a tremendous ceremony this week (5/25/21), demonstrating how active our dens and cubs have been despite the challenges of virtual and hybrid meetings.

Each week, our leaders brought together a program that helped our scouts to earn fun awards and learn valuable skills to be prepared for life. But amidst these standout  pack achievements is yet another very impressive achievement: Our pack was able to celebrate FIVE Super Nova awards earned by our cubs this year.
Folks, our pack is special. As part of the Capitol Area Council’s STEM Nova Committee, I am on the review board for Scouts BSA and Cub Scout Super Nova applications. This year, our pack represents nearly 20% of awarded Cub Scout Super Novas in  the CAC. And we have room to grow!  

S.T.E.M. Fact
The probability that you are a member of Pack 170 if you earned a Supernova in the Capitol Area Council is 20%. The probability of success is calculated by [Number of Successes] / [Number of Attempts]. Is your probability of success better when you “do your best”?

These awards often take months to earn, requiring significant effort and focus from the youth to complete. In addition to exploring the scientific method, these scouts needed to  demonstrate their understanding in a broad array of STEM topics to their Super Nova mentor(s) — often being challenged to think beyond  initial thoughts on the subject matter. The Super Nova mentor helps guide the scout (and their family!) through this adventure, and provides guidance on how to most effectively achieve each requirement.
Pack 170 recipients this year are:
Aasiyah Smith – AOL (Dr. Charles Townes Award)
Charles Palm – AOL (Dr. Charles Townes Award)
Elizabeth Palm – AOL (Dr. Charles Townes Award)
Lukas Hauptli – Bear (Dr. Luis Alvarez Award)
Simon Cruz – Bear (Dr. Luis Alvarez Award)
Congratulations Scouts!
Yours in Scouting,
Mr. Cris , aka that science guy occasionally in a lab coat