A Den is part of a Pack but sometimes, a Den has a life of its own and becomes a family where the scouts and the parents bound together; that’s what happened to the pack’s class of 2021.

For two years, the scouts worked really hard during the popcorn season, pandemic or not, and truly earned a tip to Colorado, never loosing sight of the target.

The ex-AOLs came together one last time for a week of fun and adventures including rafting, zip lining, tubing and archery just to name a few.

So long kids. Now spread your wings and go conquer the world.

S.T.E.M. Fact
Oxygen (O2) is a key essential for life on Earth. The percentage of oxygen in the atmosphere varies by altitude. The O2% for this Colorado trip at 9000 ft. was just 14.8% compared to 20.9% here in Leander/Cedar Park. How does that affect your stamina during physical activity like white water rafting?