The 2021 North Shore District Awards Celebration was held at the SouthStar Bank Leander branch where branch manager Randi Shapiro received a certificate of appreciation for hosting the event and recognizing their community engagement. There were a lot of awards presented and Pack 170 was represented well:

S.T.E.M. Fact

What are odds that our pack would earn “Unit of the Year” this year? Odds are the ratio of two fractions: the number of events divided by the number of subjects ( the probability of the event) and that fraction divided by the number of non-events divided by the number of subjects ( the probability of the non-event). 
1 / 35 (units) = 0.0286 probability of earning “Unit of the Year”.
34 / 35 (units) = 0.9714 probability of not earning “Unit of the Year”.
0.0286 / 0.9714 = 0.0294 odds of earning “Unit of the Year” or a 1 in 34 chance.

North Shore District Pack of the Year

This award is primarily based on “Journey to Excellence” score but also considers other factors such as involvement with the District and Council, service to community, etc. We are honored to receive “Unit of the Year” for the 5th straight year. We accept this as a challenge to continue delivering on the Scouting promise with the same passion and commitment that got us here.

District Award of Merit
One of our Silver Squirrel recipients from 2020, Mr. Nick, was presented the highest honor that a BSA district can award, the District Award of Merit. Mr. Nick is a go-getter in our Pack and the North Shore district, serving as Derby Chair, Health & Safety Officer, Tech Team, and more for Pack 170. He is the district Cub Scout Training Chair and Asst. Roundtable Commissioner. He is also the Capitol Area Council Cub Scout co-dean for University of Scouting and a council STEM committee member. Congratulations Mr. Nick! This was well-deserved.
Northern Star Award

The Northern Star is presented to outstanding volunteers by the North Shore District on behalf of its member units. We recognized Mr. Cris and Ms. Patricia this year. This dynamic duo are driving forces in our pack, district, and council.

Journey to Excellence - Gold
Journey to Excellence is a scoring system from BSA National that helps units plan for a quality program by measuring their success against a key set of metrics each calendar year. Pack 170 not only achieved the highest level, Gold, but we had a perfect score (2000) and the highest score in the district!
#1 Popcorn Pack
Pack 170 sold over $36,000 worth of popcorn for the 2021 season, the highest of any unit in the district. We had some tough competition this year from both Packs and Troops so we will need to step up our game for 2022. Challenge accepted.
Top 5 Highest Popcorn-Selling Cub Scouts

Our Scouts once again were recognized for the 2021 popcorn season with not just the top 3 highest selling Cub Scouts in the district, but top 5.  It was interesting to note that 11 of the 12 top-selling Scouts were either Pack 170 Scouts or were Pack 170 alumni. Way to go Scouts!

Excellence in Training Award

The North Shore District recognizes units for achieving at least 75% of unit leaders being trained for the position they are in. Pack 170 is committed to delivering the best possible program for our Scouts and we understand that trained leaders are key to achieving that goal. We are very proud of ALL of our leaders because every one of them completed the required training for their role giving us 100% training excellence, the highest percentage in the district.

Top Unit: Family Friends of Scouting

In 2021, 15 Pack 170 families committed to help fund the Capitol Area Council and its programs through a Family Friends of Scouting donation. It costs the council about $250 to provide a quality Scouting experience to just one child and Pack 170 raised enough to sponsor 6 new Scouts.

Congratulations to all of the recipients and congratulations to all of the families of Pack 170! It was your efforts that brought the North Shore District “Pack of the Year” paddle back home where it belongs!