There are few things we can count on in life: death, taxes, and Cub Scouts performing flag ceremonies.  On May 5th, the Bear Den of Cub Scout Pack 170 was honored to present the colors for a meeting of the Leander City Council.  The Bears got great practice in performing the ceremony, but also in thinking on their feet when things don’t always go according to plan.

The ceremony was the final step in earning their “Paws for Action” Adventure.  In their meeting before presenting to Council, the kids practiced enthusiastically.  First they folded a large flag that flew over the US capital that was presented to a scout’s grandmother for being over 100 years old!  Then they rehearsed presenting the colors over and over, with the kids taking turns with who was holding the flag poles.  Everyone wanted a turn.

When the time came for the real thing, even a severe thunderstorm couldn’t tamp down the Bears’ excitement.  They started strong with good formation, but were surprised when the flag stands were off to the side of the room and there was no need to cross the colors.  The Bears showed what they were made of though and rolled with it, performing the ceremony but also bringing some amusement to the situation.

The Council and those in attendance enjoyed the performance.  Mayor Christine DeLisle had this to say, “Kids always breathe fresh life into our meetings. I love being able to start the night off with some levity and a reminder about who we’re impacting with our decisions. Thank you so much for bringing the Bears out and please spread the word that all Scouts are welcome to present the colors any time!”