Spring is about new beginnings and the Pack 170 Spring campout was a similar story for Pack 170 with both new and continuing families in attendance many of whom have a little tale to tell about the campout. I will start with me.

Asst Cubmaster, Tim Pacl

I will start with me…I loved the STEM program. It was about ecosystems, predator and prey, and the fragile balance that is so easily tipped one way or another by natural events. Our “predators” were the kids and the prey were different types of beans. There were fork predators, spoon predators, chopstick predators, and so on. Each predator group was provided a set number of different bean prey to hunt for a set peiod of time, While the spoons were more successful, the Scouts and siblings found that different predator groups had better success with certain prey. Natural occurences such as disease were simulated for different groups in subsequent rounds of “hunting”. The results were tallied after each round and the Scouts discussed what had happened and why. Every child was completely engaged throughout the activity. Parents were enthralled as well. I was amazed.

Of course, campfire was amazing too. Every den had a skit or song. We did an audience participation. We had Webelos recognition, adult recognition, and more. We closed with Scout Vespers, a new tradition with the Pack.

The real stand-out for me was our new leaders. They took the reigns and excelled. What a great campout. I am excited for the future of our pack.

New Wolf Parent, Rusty Farrell

Pack 170 championed an exciting and adventurous campout at the Smilin V Ranch in April 2022. This event was full of meaningful activity, training, and personal interaction between the kids. The kids were engaged and interested in the lessons taught by the trainers in addition to actively trying to emulate mentors and others at the next level above their age groups. A bearer of high standards and discipline who also knows how to have fun, Pack 170 influences positive character and selfless citizenship. This was on full display at camp because the scouts were all participative, respectful, helpful, and playing active roles in all activities. Having no shortage of leadership desire and abilities, it was inspiring to watch the motivation of the scouts when rotating leadership roles both on the short hike as well as with responsibilities and roles at the campsite. All leaders, trainers, and parents play important roles and the relationships, camaraderie, and communication is very strong in the pack! After having served over 20 years in the military, this group of adults and kids are trustworthy, dedicated and a close knit family — all working to make our communities a better place for our children to grow up in. Join now — make the decision for positive and lasting change in your child’s development and future!