Pack 170 families are fortunate to have the help of Rockbridge United Methodist Church. We hold our Pack meetings at ACTS Church Leander, our chartered organization, but Rockbridge graciously hosts our den meetings. In return it is our duty to say thank you in the Scouting way, by providing needed service.

It has become an annual tradition for the Scouts, Scouters, and their families to turn out in September to help Rockbridge prepare their pumpkin patch. Every year, the church brings in more than a thousand pumpkins to sell to raise funds for the many programs they support and this year we had a great turn-out.

With a dozen and a half from Pack 170 and more from Rockbridge Church, we made quick work of laying out all of those pumpkins and, though it was hard work, it was fun work. Nothing like hard work shared to build a community spirit… a Pack spirit. Thank you Pack 170 families for your terrific efforts!