The “Scouts In Action” section of Scout Life magazine regularly showcases capable and brave Scouts from around the country helping others in need, most often in water rescue situations. Little did these Scouters on a hike expect to put the same skills into action to help a member of the pubic.
Scouts prepared for fun
Summertime is a great time for leisurely hikes, fishing, and relaxing in the outdoors. Families from Packs 27, 160 and 170 planned a hike with some new potential members from Chautauqua Park to Blue Hole Park in Georgetown, lead by Scouters Patricia and Cris Cruz. The trek included a  fishing and conservation demonstration at the scenic lagoon, lead by two Scouts BSA members from Troop 91, Charles Palm, and Troop 365, Hariharan Venkatesh. 
Scouters prepared for safety
While the Cubs were captivated by the fishing demonstration, two Scouters from Pack 170, Amber Lively and Strider Johnson, and a visiting prospective dad, Jamison Casey, noticed a teenager had missed his raft when jumping from the cliffs. The adults went into action when they realized that he was struggling and not able to safely get himself to the water’s edge. These Scouters jumped into the water and got him to safety. After he was on shore, one of the adults was able to communicate with his family who were grateful for the assistance.
This is a great example of “Scouting in Action” in our council, from both the programming and safety sides. Well done!