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2023 North Shore District
Pack of the Year!

For the 7th Consecutive Year: Since 2017

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Pack 170 in the Leander Christmas Parade

Pack 170 in the Leander Christmas Parade

Pack 170 participated in the City of Leander Holiday Parade. Scouts came out in force to assist with decorating the trailer with this year’s theme, which was the movie Elf. The trailer was adorned with full size pinewood derby cutouts, lights, garland, and presents. Scouts riding in the trailer brought hammers and “assembled” toys on the parade route. We were fortunate enough to have the trailer pulled by an H1 provided and driven by one of our generous Bear parents, Mr. Rob. A speaker was put...

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Join Scouting Night, A Passport to Fun!

Join Scouting Night, A Passport to Fun!

Join Scouting Night was a smashing success this year with 37 Scout-aged kids coming to check out what all of the fun was about. How did we do it?... Well, that is what this article is all about, so let's dive into the step-by-step formula for success.Our membership Chair, Sondra Steel, was in charge of planning the JSN. A plan is critical to success but the best laid plans of mice and men often go awry, so stay flexible and have contingencies ready. There are 3 main elements for success with...

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Scouting Saves Lives!

The "Scouts In Action" section of Scout Life magazine regularly showcases capable and brave Scouts from around the country helping others in need, most often in water rescue situations. Little did these Scouters on a hike expect to put the same skills into action to help a member of the pubic. Scouts prepared for fun Summertime is a great time for leisurely hikes, fishing, and relaxing in the outdoors. Families from Packs 27, 160 and 170 planned a hike with some new potential members from...

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Lego Derby @ Cedar Park Nissan

Lego Derby @ Cedar Park Nissan

Pack 170 repeated one of its favorite Summertime Pack events from 2021, LEGO DERBY! This is a Scout favorite, which also makes it a great recruiting event because what's fun for a Scout is fun for any kid their age. And, this Lego Derby also served a third purpose... training our new Derby Chair.Mr. Nick's DragsterThis is the dragster's 2nd year.Each participant got a Lego racer chassis and 2 tungston weight bricks. Kids and adults alike built cars. Many were built right there on race day,...

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Bicycle Rodeo: Safety is Fun!

Bicycle Rodeo: Safety is Fun!

Bicycle Rodeo has quickly become the go-to choice for our spring derby here at Pack 170. Why? Simple. I mean that it is a simple event to plan, stage, and conduct but it delivers miles and miles of fun. The cherry on top is it can double as a recruiting event. This article is your guide for bicycle rodeo success.PlanningIt is always best to share the load so your Pack Derby Chair should recruit a subcommittee of parents to help with planning the event and members of that committee should help...

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Spring Campout from Different Angles

Spring is about new beginnings and the Pack 170 Spring campout was a similar story for Pack 170 with both new and continuing families in attendance many of whom have a little tale to tell about the campout. I will start with me.Asst Cubmaster, Tim Pacl I will start with me...I loved the STEM program. It was about ecosystems, predator and prey, and the fragile balance that is so easily tipped one way or another by natural events. Our "predators" were the kids and the prey were different types...

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Why join pack 170?

“Prepared for Life.” That is the moto of the Boy Scouts of America, and also what fuels Pack 170, from the leaders to the scouts and their parents.  By living the Scout Oath themselves, our decorated leaderships’ motivation enables us to maintain a year-round program preparing every scout to succeed not only in the BSA when they continue their journey but also in life.  Dedication from parent volunteers and leaders is the force that makes us a successful pack. Having stated this there is no such thing as scout activities without some guaranteed fun!!! Here are some of the reasons why Pack 170 would be a best fit for you and your child:   

  • The Pack runs as a family with dedicated volunteer parents and scout leaders from all levels of life and the scouting organization.
  • Our diverse group of scouts bring in with them parents who are experts in many industries.  This makes us a resourceful group. 
  • We cater to variety in participation.  We have scouts that love and breath it and scouts that share the scout life with other activities. 
  • Pack activities focus on the scouts having fun and enjoying their time while learning.
  • Some of the activities that our current scouts enjoy are camping in NASA Space Station in Houston, overnight stays at Round Rock Express game, Reading Around the World Movie Nights in the Summer, Pinewood Derby Race, to list a few.
  • Our in-house NOVA and SuperNOVA Councilor allow us to run a STEM program for all scouts, whether they aim to achieve SuperNOVA or not.

What families have to say about the pack:

There are two phrases and one item that I think sums up Pack 170. “Grass doesn’t grow under their feet”, “Go big or go home” and a big old Oak Tree.

            When this pack decides to do something, they make sure they do their absolute best. This results in a “go big” feeling for everything and I mean everything. For example: amount of popcorn sold, #of awards each child earns, scope of trips taken, details and scope of each event such pinewood derby and blue and gold. While this is a very motivated and active pack no one pack can do everything and they recognize that and thus there are some events they do not offer every year such as space derby and box car races.

            They not only truly do their best at each activity but they act on ideas swiftly and thoroughly. They are constantly working on the next few meetings/events/goals. For example, blue and gold planning doesn’t start in December like it does with many packs but in August. A full calendar is planned out in May and from there each person takes their part and starts planning and making it happen. With this constant movement one could say “grass doesn’t grow under their feet”

            A large old Oak tree has many parts, fluidity and stability creating one amazing tree. Pack 170 has all of this. Like the base of the tree it has strong key 3 leader ship. Like the larger branches it has an amazing and full committee. The smaller branches are the fantastic den leaders. The many leaves are all of the scouts and parents. A tree grows in all of these parts every year and so does pack 170. Each year a few families transition out and new parents join. Regardless of the transition, positions are changed smoothly retaining their strength. This is due in part to “passing along info and tips” and largely to their constant encouragement of continued training for all adults and an eye on the future.

With everyone doing their part and the strong constant leadership this pack is a force to be reconned with and a place that you can feel confident that you and your scout will get the absolute best and most amazing scouting experience in the central Texas area. A program worth traveling for.